Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dec. Newsletter


This event is a great opportunity for the whole family or adult individuals to try cross-country skiing, especially if you have never skied before. The use of the trails is free to the public on this day and the emphasis here is on having fun trying a new sport without having to buy or spend any money. Skis, boots and poles will be available to borrow at no charge (Thanks to Caribou Ski!) and instructors will be available to help you develop that technique that gets you easily down the track. Bring your own skis, boots and poles, if you have them. Instruction is free. 
Equipment will be available from noon-2:30. 

Please sign in at the warming hut if you are not a member!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 Conditions

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, the trails are in great shape thanks to Malcolm, Guy and Jim.  We had an ATV come on to the trail system and the crew has worked hard to repair the damage. Classic tracks that were groomed out yesterday will be reset this am.

Most of the trails are open with the exception of Canyon View which is being packed and will  be open when we get a significant snowfall.

Kiwanis is being packed however there are a couple of low snow areas that we cannot run the groomer on yet.  We will keep you posted and it is open for skiers but use caution.

All the mowing, brushing and pruning has made it possible to open the trails with very minimal snow and the trails look fantastic.  All the volunteers should give themselves a pat on the back.  I would suggest skiing Arrowhead to see the difference brushing makes.

Have a good Ski..

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec 22 2016 Grooming TRACKS SET

We finally have just enough snow to start setting tracks.  Thanks to a great effort from Bob and Malcolm for getting most of the hill set.  Due to the low snow levels I would advise caution as there are still many hazards that exist.  Mike will be up today finishing off the track setting.

Canyon View will remain closed until we have more snow due to rutting on the trail surface

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hi all. No lesson today. Hoping for next sunday but likely may not start until the new year on sunday jan8

Monday, December 5, 2016


I opened the gate today and here is what to expect:

-EARLY SEASON CONDITIONS we have 2-3" of packed snow, there is lots of stubble poking through the snow.  Use your old skis as conditions will varying along the trail and there are muddy areas that will be rough so use caution.

-EXPECT HAZARDS ON THESE RUNS Cataline, Gunbarrel, Winchester, Rustler, Kiwanis, Anvil, Canyon View, and Arrow Head.

-We will not be setting tracks until the base improves and we can run the groomers without damaging them.

Thanks and have a good ski.