Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 31, 2017 Skiing

 Photo from the lodge looking up wrangler.  Beautiful day grooming was great and temp was -17.

Artwork in the stadium.

Great conditions today and a fantastic ski.

December 31, 2017 Conditions

Groomers have been working hard through the cold weather packing and track setting all of the new snow.  It has been cold but conditions have been fantastic over the holidays so far.  All trails are track set as per the table.  Gunanoot and Canyon View will be completed today.  Looks like the cold weather is going to break so bring on the skiing in the new year.

Hope to see you up there!

Have a good ski!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

New youth ski program

Williams Lake Cross-Country Ski Club
New YOUTH FUN SKI PROGRAM at Bull Mountain Ski Trails                            2018 Ski Season
The Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club (WLCCSC) is piloting a new YOUTH FUN SKI PROGRAM for youth ages 10 to 18.  This program will run each Sunday from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm at the Bull Mountain Ski Trails starting Sunday January7 until Sunday March 11.  No session will run on February 11 (Family Day Weekend).

The program will not run on days where it is colder than -15 Celcius at 12:00 noon on Environment Canada’s website for the Williams Lake Airport (also posted on the website at

The group will head out from the warming hut on a fun classic ski with 2 trained coaches who will act mainly as guides and provide minimal instruction on skiing technique.  The group will be divided up so those willing and able to go further and faster can while others can go for a shorter distance at a slower speed.  Skiers may also skate ski provided they have the proper equipment and have a basic level of competence for that technique.

This new program is targeting youth that have some previous cross country ski experience and who wish to ski for fun only at a recreational level (non competitive).  It is a SKI for LIFE idea which will focus on enjoying nature, and skiing for fun with others who share similar interests.  It appeals to young skiers and teenagers who have a wide range of ski experience and abilities along with ‘late starters’ to the sport of Nordic skiing. It applies to skiers who have skied before but have not kept up with it on a regular basis or desire a non-competitive environment in which to ski.  We will have fun and improve the physical fitness of participants.  We hope to develop these young skiers into life long cross country ski enthusiasts!

Parents are encouraged to come along for the ski as well.
Skiers are expected to provide their own equipment.

Registration forms are available by contacting Rob Sutton at the below number/email.
Feel free to call or email with any further questions or information you may require about our new youth fun ski program.

Rob Sutton,
WLCCSC Youth Development Coordinator

Jackrabbits starting Sunday January 7

Hi everyone. We have heard from only a small number of you so please let me know either way what your plans are for this upcoming season regarding the jackrabbits program. We need to organize groups and coaches depending on the number of kids we have. I will also send out description of the new youth fun ski program for ages 10-18 which will run on sundays (cost is $90 and includes a season pass).
Merry Christmas to all! 🎿

Saturday, December 23, 2017

December 23, 2017 Conditions

Conditions December 23, 2017

Thanks to the hard work of the groomers all trails are packed and ready for more snow.  

Classic tracks are set intermittently depending on snow depth.  Early season conditions exist but are still good.  Lights are on for night skiing.  Conditions are excellent for skate skiing.

Have a great ski! and do a snow dance

Conditions December 23, 2017

Picture From Malcolm,  Looks Great.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Season Starts Dec. 21st!!

Williams Lake Cross Country ski club will be opening Bull Mountain for the 2017-2018 ski season on Thursday December 21, 2017.

Bull Mountain received 15cm of snow on Sunday and the groomers have been working all week packing the trails to create a base for the season.  Expect early season conditions as stated below.

What to expect: 
-Current base 2-3 inches
-All trails are packed and have a groomed corduroy surface.
-Upper trails in the system that were impacted by the wildfires (Cataline, Anvil, Gunanoot) use caution as there may be dirt or rocks close to the surface.
-Mid trails impacted by woodlot logging (Winchester, Cataline, Canyon View) use caution as there may be dirt or rocks close to the surface.
-Watch for rocks and debris that may be protruding from the snow.
-classic tracks will be set with additional snow falls, (Currently there is not enough base to set consistent classic tracks.)
-lights will be available for night skiing.

Trail closures: 
-Kiwanis – not enough snow on swamp crossing sections
-Gunanoot - packed but would advise not to ski until there is more snow
-Canyon View - packed but would advise not to ski until there is more snow

Day users MUST go in the warming hut and sign the day use register (and deposit fee in the drop box) a membership online through Zone 4 or download forms from our website and put them in the dropbox at the hill, or mail them in.

Monday, December 18, 2017

No skiing yet....

The trails are not open yet..... groomers were up there this morning, rolling and packing the snow, but we need a bit more to set tracks. So, the gate is still locked. We will post a notice here and on Facebook the minute it's offically's close....we just need a bit more snow. Hang in there skiers!!