Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 13, 2018 Conditions

Well it was a tough weekend but by Sunday and Monday things were looking up.  We were down a big sled and had to borrow a couple of smaller sleds.  The grooming crew is proud to report that all of the trails were open and track set again as of Sunday morning.  It was a huge effort due to the heavy snowfall and over a dozen trees down on the trail.

Enjoy your ski and please thank your groomers if you see them on the trails.  They volunteer time early in the morning and work into the late hours of the evening and into the morning again.  This last snowfall required 83 hours of chainsaw work, sled packing, roller packing, trail cutting and finally grooming.  The end result is trail perfection once again.

Picture taken by Malcolm on Gunanoot on Monday morning.  Thanks for all the hard work guys.

Have a good ski!

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