Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 10, 2018 Conditions

Well as Scott eluded, we want colder weather to groom but -25 is a bit chilly.  Groomers braved the cold last night prepping the trails for tracksetting on Thursday and Friday.  All trails are packed with the exception of Gunanoot and lower trails were trackset on the 9th.

We ask that people do not hike or jog on the ski trails as this causes a safety hazard for skiers by having an unexpected person on the trail and also damaging the trail base causing uneven terrain for skiers which requires additional volunteer hours to groom foot prints out.  The snow shoe trails are a good option for people wanting to get out and stretch there legs.  We have 7km of snowshoe trails available to pass holders and day users.

Have a Good Ski!

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