Friday, January 5, 2018

January 5, 2018 Conditions

Good evening of grooming.  The weather has warmed up and it is good to see lots of use on the ski trails.  Bucked a tree off Cataline last night and all the other trails appear to be clear.  We will be resetting Gunanoot and Canyon View Friday and resetting and tracks throughout the weekend.  Conditions are fantastic so come up and ski!

Jack Rabbits and Track Attack start on Sunday at 1:00pm so there will be lots of people.  We have built a roadway connecting the two parking lots and there is a lodge skiway for easy access to the lodge for signing the day use registrar and day use fee payment. 

Snow shoe trails are accessed via the lodge skiway off the parking lot fence and the entrance to the network is by the lower parking lot where the Maison trail head sign is.  New for this year is the Stampede trail and trail maps at junctions.

Remember if you are skiing with your dog please cleanup after your friend.

Have a great Ski!

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